The Company

Hong Leong Asia Ltd (HLA) is part of Hong Leong Group, a Singapore-based conglomerate and has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1998.

Over the years, we have grown from a building materials supplier to a diversified Asian multinational known for our market leadership and financial strength.


We work closely with our customers across the rapidly urbanising Asia to develop and deliver innovative solutions that will improve quality of life and drive sustainability for the cities of the future.

Growth of a legacy in Asia

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How It All Began

Born in 1911 to a destitute family in his native Fujian Province in China, Mr Kwek Hong Png grew up under tough conditions on a farm. At the tender age of 16 and armed with only an $8 ticket, a straw mat and a quilt for warmth but embodying big hopes and dreams, he boarded a cargo vessel in Xiamen and made the arduous journey over to Singapore.


After working at a hardware store and gradually gaining experience over the years, he started Hong Leong in 1941 as a general trading firm dealing in ropes, paints, ship and rubber estate supplies. His entrepreneurial skills saw that the business grew to become one of Singapore's largest conglomerates with interests in property, hotels, financial services and Trade & Industry. The Hong Leong Group, behind its name is a profound meaning in Chinese of a company with high growth potential and an abundance of opportunities to grow from strength to strength.

Kwek Hong Png, Hong Leong Group Founder

1941: Humble Beginnings

Hong Leong Company started as a general trading firm dealing in ropes, paints, ship and rubber estate supplies. Business was conducted in a small shophouse at Beach Road.

1948: Strengthening Roots in Singapore

Hong Leong Company (HLCPL) was incorporated and its activities were broadened to include the trading of a larger range of building materials including cement, structural steel and steel bars.

1961: Pioneers of Industrialisation

The group's founder fostered strong ties with Japanese industrialists and went formed a joint venture called Singapore Cement Manufacturing Company with Mitsui & Co Limited and Onoda Cement Co Limited to capitalise on Singapore's Industrialisation programme.

1970: Growth of Singapore's Built Environment

To further tap into the growing demands on the construction industry in Singapore, the group expands its building materials business in Singapore with the incorporation of Island Concrete to supply ready-mix concrete and subsequently quarry products.

1982: Consolidation of Building Materials Segment

Pursuant to a restructuring exercise, the group renames an entity previously known as Hume Industries as Hong Leong Industries Manufacturing Limited (HLIM) to further consolidate its building materials operations.

1993: Quantum Leap To China

The Company expanded into China and acquired interest in diesel engines, industrial packaging material and consumer products businesses. Its diesel engine unit, Yuchai International Limited was later on listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994.

1994: The Birth of Hong Leong Asia

HLIM was renamed as Hong Leong Asia Ltd. (HLA) to reflect its expansion into other Asian markets.

1998: HLA Goes Public

HLA is listed on The Stock Exchange of Singapore Limited to raise funds for acquisitions made under a major restructuring exercise as well as to finance the group's growth.

2009: Further Expansion into Malaysia

HLA further expanded its footprint in the building material business in Malaysia "from being a majority shareholder to fully acquiring" Tasek Cement Limited. Tasek is a pioneer in cement business which commenced cement production in 1964 with its production facility in Ipoh.

Today: Emerging Asian Conglomerate

Today, HLA has evolved as one of the region's major manufacturing and distribution players with its success intricately linked to its diversification across the region. With 80% of its market beyond Singapore, the group is well placed to scale greater heights.