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Corporate Governance

"As a Company, we are committed to upholding high standards of corporate governance to enhance shareholder value and a sustainable future. We believe practising good corporate governance standards are central to the health and stability of our financial markets and economy."

Hong Leong Asia Ltd. ("HLA" or the "Company") is committed to maintaining good corporate governance and business integrity in all its business activities, which is essential for the long-term sustainability of the Group's businesses and the enhancement of shareholders' value.

To demonstrate its commitment towards excellence in corporate governance, HLA joined the Securities Investors Association Singapore ("SIAS") and its partners 2021 in making the following public statement of Support (as above) as part of the SIAS Corporate Governance Week 2021 Initiatives organized by SIAS in October 2021.

The Company's corporate governance report, which is updated annually, sets out HLA's corporate governance practices with specific reference to the updated principles and provisions in the revised Code of Corporate Governance 2018.

Board Policies

Board Diversity Policy

Corporate Policies

Anti-Fraud, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Investor Relations Policy

Personal Data Protection Statement

Sustainability Policies

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

BeyondHLA Policy

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