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Request Form for Annual Report 2020 and Letter to Shareholders

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we encourage all Shareholders to access the digital version of Annual Report 2020 and Letter to Shareholders dated 30 March 2021 (“Letter to Shareholders”) which can be found by clicking here instead.


For Shareholders who still wish to receive a printed copy of the Annual Report 2020 and/or the Letter to Shareholders, please submit this form by 15 April 2021. Please ensure the information provided is correct and complete before submission.

We regret that we will not be able to process request forms which are incomplete or incorrectly filled. Thank you for your understanding.

 (Please note that your request is valid for the Print Copy of Annual Report 2020 and the Letter to Shareholders only).

Your request has been submitted!

The shares in HLA are held by me/us under or through *

Your Personal Data which you provide Hong Leong Asia Ltd. (“HLA”) in this form (“Personal Data”) will be processed, collected, used and disclosed by HLA, as well as respective agents and authorised service providers of HLA (collectively, “HLA and Permitted Parties”), in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Your Personal Data will be processed, collected, used and disclosed by HLA and Permitted Parties for the purposes of enabling HLA and Permitted Parties to process and effect your request, as well as the other purposes notified to you in the HLA Personal Data Protection Statement (the “PDPS”) (accessible here) (the “Purposes”).

More information on your rights, the transfer of your Personal Data and our data retention policies is set out in the Personal Data Protection Policy (PDPP) which you must carefully read. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting our Investor Relations, at the contact details set out in the PDPP.

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