Our Vision

To be a market leader by creating sustainable growth through diversification, innovation and organizational excellence, contributing to all our stakeholders - our Customers, our People, our Shareholders, our Environment and our Society.


Market Leadership

To compete in the trade and industry sector, sustaining a market leadership position is key.

People Excellence

We believe it takes both talent and effort to excel in our people to fully develop potential.

Products and Service Excellence

 We remain committed to our promise for quality to encourage integrity and satisfy customers.

Operational Excellence

We take a disciplined and detailed approach towards ensuring efficiency and quality.

Corporate Values

I - ACE - IT



To uphold the right values through acting responsibly and honestly


To be creative and adopt to market leader mentality in the way we manage our products, services and processes


To be responsible and take ownership of whatever we commit to do

Embrace Change

To accept change with an open mind and leverage on it as an opportunity to improve


To support group decisions and work together cohesively to achieve agreed goals and objectives

Customer Focus

To meet customer needs, wants and expectations by providing outstanding products and services