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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Policy
1. General Principles

1.1. HLA’s IR Policy outlines the principles and framework for the Company to provide investors, analysts and other IR stakeholders with balanced, clear and pertinent information on matters pertaining to and/or affecting the Group.

1.2. In the conduct of its IR activities, the Company will comply with all applicable securities laws and regulations.

1.3. All disclosures submitted to Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) through SGXNET will be made available on the Group’s corporate website

1.4. This Policy is subject to regular review by HLA’s senior management and approval by the Board of Directors of the Company (“Board”).

2. Communications Principles

2.1. The Company will communicate only through designated senior spokespersons who will establish and maintain regular dialogue with shareholders to solicit and understand their views, as well as respond to queries from members of the investment community or media.

2.2. The Company does not respond to rumours. However, if rumours indicate that material information has been leaked which would likely have a material effect on the price or value and/or trading volume in the shares of the Company or where it is necessary to avoid the establishment of a false market in the Company’s shares, the rumours will be promptly denied or clarified via announcements made through SGXNET to SGX-ST.

2.3. The Company will not comment on commercially sensitive proceedings

2.4. The Company observes a "blackout period" of two weeks prior to the announcement of its quarterly results and one month prior to the announcement of its full-year results. During these periods, the Company does not comment on industry outlook, the Group's business performance and financial results.

3. Communication with Shareholders and Investment Community

3.1. The Company is committed to treat all shareholders fairly and equitably, and keep all its shareholders and other stakeholders informed of its corporate activities.

3.2. The Company's annual general meetings (“AGMs”) are the principal communication channels with its Shareholders and for Shareholders' participation. All Shareholders are sent a copy of the Company's annual report with notice of AGM prior to the AGM. As and when an extraordinary general meeting (“EGM”) is to be held, each Shareholder will be sent a copy of the circular with notice of EGM which contains details of the matters to be proposed for Shareholders' consideration and approval.

3.3. The notices of AGM/EGM will also be announced via SGXNET and advertised in the press. The notices and documents circulated to Shareholders for any AGM/EGM will also be made available on the Group’s corporate website

3.4. The Company will facilitate and provide opportunities for Shareholders to participate effectively in and vote at general meetings of Shareholders. The Shareholders will also be informed of the rules, including voting procedures that govern general meetings of Shareholders. Detailed results of the votes cast for and against each resolution will be disclosed at the meetings and announced via SGXNET on the same day of the meetings. The minutes of these meetings will be made available on the Company’s website, and will be furnished to any shareholder upon his or her request.

3.5 The Company welcomes requests by analysts and institutional investors for meetings with senior management for the purpose of helping them to gain a broader understanding of the Company's businesses and operating fundamentals. Any discussions at such meetings will be based on publicly available information

3.6 The Company publishes annual reports to enable the shareholders and the investment community to obtain a comprehensive and consistent overview of its business strategies, developments and market outlook, as well as operational and financial performance.

3.7 The Company also publishes a sustainability report annually, which details its environmental, social and governance efforts and results, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards.

4. Corporate Website

4.1. The Company will make available its financial results announcements, annual reports, SGXNET announcements, presentation materials, media releases, and other corporate information on its corporate website

5. Company Contact

5.1. Shareholders can contact the Company’s Share Registrar on matters pertaining to their shareholdings:

M & C Services Private Limited
112 Robinson Road #05-01

Singapore 068902

Tel: (65) 6227 6660

Fax: (65) 6225 1452

5.2. All other queries can be submitted via the Company’s corporate website

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